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Mixing is free. We do not disclose any personal information to any site. We do not collect any personal information. All statistics are anonymous. Hi, mobile user! Sorry but Youtube DJ is not really available for smartphones. Please go to your desktop computer for the full experience. Youtube DJ is a free online music mixer app.

It allows you to make beats and mashups of Youtube videos. VirtualDJ is a killer piece of software VirtualDJ outmatches the competition in innovation. No other DJ software comes close Unique features that other DJ software imitate. Powerful, yet easy to use Packing the most advanced smart DJ technology, and intuitive features, VirtualDJ is easy to learn and master for any starter DJ. Without big marketing or endorsments, VirtualDJ got more than one hundred million downloads, making it by far the most used DJ software on the planet.

Ask around. It's a philosophy at VirtualDJ: All the money we could have invested in marketing to make our software 'seem' better we've instead, invested in research and development, in order to make our software 'be' better. That's why all the professional press is unanimous: VirtualDJ keeps pioneering the DJ world, by inventing and introducing years before the competition, new technologies that will shape the DJing world of tomorrow.

No matter if you are a beginner or an accomplished DJ, VirtualDJ will always provide you with the latest cutting-edge features, which will help you mix better, and give you an advantage. Do yourself a favor, don't let others have better tools and mix better than you! Use the most advanced software yourself straight away, and perform the best mixes you can! Loading screenshots.. Using highly optimized, reliable, and well-tested code, VirtualDJ runs smoother and faster than any competitor's software, and can be trusted for your gigs.

The cost of the program. Method 3. Use Virtual DJ to organize your music. The program lets you organize your collection of tracks and group them easily in a DJ-friendly way. You can use filters to find the hot songs, find songs with a compatible bpm or key, access your previous playlists, and more. This is essential if you want to do any live DJing, as you need quick access to the right songs, and you may need to cater to audience requests.

Use crossfades to blend one song into another. This is the bread and butter of DJs: Use the "crossfader" to set the time at which you want the songs to switch, as well as how quickly you want it to change. The horizontal bar between the two decks is your "Crossfade bar. Match up the wave forms of songs to get them in sync using the pitch bar.

You should try to keep the high peaks on the waveform synchronized and overlapped one above the other. This usually means that the beats are "in sync" and the mix sounds good. You can use the two vertical pitch sliders to adjust the BPM on each song, making it so that the waveforms match up and the songs are in sync.

Sometimes Virtual DJ does not analyze a track correctly, and the CBG can be incorrect, so you should learn to beat match by ear and not rely on visual aids. Syncing up songs makes transitioning from one to the other much easier. Equalize songs on the fly.

There are three EQ knobs next to each deck that let you change how the songs sound. They correspond to Bass, Middle, and Treble. The low end of the song. This is the rumbling, deep parts of the songs. This is usually where the vocals and guitars hang out—not super deep or high-pitched. Usually this knob affects the drums most heavily, though anything high-pitched will be affected. Play with the song effects. You can use Virtual DJ to add tons of effects to your songs, creating house and electronic-style remixes anywhere.

The program comes with a plethora of effects ranging from traditional flanger, echo, etc, to more modern "beat-aware" effects like beatgrid, slicer, and loop-roll. The built-in sampler will let you spice up your mixes with a broad range of drops and loops. You can also use the sampler like a sequencer to create remixes on-the-fly, effectively merging live performance and production. Use the BPM analyzer to get a permanent readout of your songs and their tempos. If you'd like to mix songs, you must choose BPMs that are close to each other.

This will take a while, but will save you from having to compute the tempo of the song on the fly. As soon as the other song isn't coming through the speakers, you can turn it back to 0. Don't try to mix songs that lay too far apart—this simply sounds bad. Use live feedback to turn Virtual DJ into an automatic playlist maker. Live feedback features recommend tunes that you can play to maintain the mood and the beat.

However, you are free to play whatever you like regardless of the recommendation. The songs are usually chosen to match up the BPM, making the songs flow seamlessly together. Attach Virtual DJ to other equipment for total control of your music. VirtualDJ is compatible with most of the DJ controllers on the market.

All you have to do is open Virtual DJ and plug the equipment in. If you want to change any of the default behavior, VirtualDJ has a "VDJScript" language that lets you re-code the program to your liking. The best way to learn how to use Virtual DJ is to use it. There are so many different features and ways to tackle problems that the focus should not be the software. Focus on you and your creative practice. Look up tutorial videos on YouTube, check out the forums on the Virtual DJ website, and ask friends for advice if you get stuck.

It gives you the volume of the songs. It gives you the tempo of the songs. It gives you a list of similar songs. It gives you a list of crossfades that would sound good with the song. How can I record my own voice with karaoke playing in the background?

This can be done right on your laptop. Using ready karaoke background music makes it far easier. The background will only take one track. Record as many tracks of your own voice and pick your favorite. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful Go to your settings and change to mono splitter. This should work for you. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 9. If you are using a computer, you need a headphone splitter to plug into your headphone port. You need one that splits the left and right channels, not the type that duplicates the signal into two stereo outputs.

Then, plug your headphones into one output, and the line to your speakers into the other output. Inside VDJ, go into settings and under audio, select stereo to mono splitter. Not Helpful 5 Helpful If that doesn't work, click File and press Save. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. How can I listen to another track while playing? Answer this question Flag as Flag as How do I beat match using a Virtual Pioneer skin?

How do I listen to another track when using Virtual DJ? How do I play several songs without loading them manually? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

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